French Roulette

Welcome to French Roulette. One table, three croupiers and a very special flair. Take a seat, place your bets and watch the ball roll in the cauldron after the croupier has given the invitation in French to "faites votre jeux", which means "make your bet". You may also decide to change your mind again. Then you hear the familiar words: "Rien ne va plus", "Nothing works anymore", the tension increases while the ball slows down steadily.

This type of roulette enjoys great popularity and is the original form of roulette. However, French roulette is now only offered in a few casinos around the world. In general, the same rules apply as with American Roulette. One difference is the speed of the game. In French Roulette, the bets are still placed by the croupier, who is happy to help you place your favourite numbers. In the American version, players can place their bets alone without an announcement, and the betting phase is shorter here, so more coups can be achieved per hour. We wish you "Bonne chance".


Above the roofs of the Grand Casino Liechtenstein you will find

the only public rooftop bar in the country, Floor Four. 

A relaxed, elegant meeting place on literally 

"highest level".

The interior of the bar is decorated in dark brown tones.    

The oversized, backlit screen and the interior

are reminiscent of an English-style gentleman's room.

The magnificent panoramic view from the roof terrace of the

Liechtenstein and Swiss mountains are priceless.

In the warmer season, the lounge furniture on the stylishly planted terrace invites you to enjoy and linger. 

An exclusive range of not everyday  Whisky, gin, rum and cigar varieties make every "connoisseur's heart" beat faster. 

A humidor filled with hand-rolled specialities of high quality

from the best tobacco-growing regions is produced each 

Inspire cigar lovers.

You are also welcome to use the Roof Top Bar "Floor Four" for your

special occasions. Our team will be happy to put together a suitable arrangement for you, please contact us.

Contact: or 00423 222 7777


The centrepiece of the casino area is the round casino bar in the non-smoking area, surrounded by the live-game tables, the slot machines and the staircase. The offer is varied and appealing to all tastes.



The long bar in the smoking area on the 1st floor offers plenty of space and a wide range of drinks. In addition to the numerous slot machines, you will also find the Players Buffet in this area.



The sports bar on the 3rd floor is as unique as the poker room. The Sportsbar not only impresses with its special design but also with its special whisky, gin and other spirits. Sports fans can also follow selected events live on the monitors.


Do you love to taste particularly noble creations after a fine meal? Then the bar in the Alpspitz restaurant is the perfect place for you.  


Enjoyment at virtually the "highest level" in our Roof Top Bar

Floor Four on the 4th floor. Enjoy the finest cigars and exclusive gin, whisky and rum in a special ambience in the style of an English manor house.