House Rules / General Terms and Conditions



The Grand Casino LI AG (Grand Casino) is required by law to establish the identity of its guests upon each entry by means of valid documents entitling them to enter the Principality of Liechtenstein. The following forms of identification are accepted: FL/ CH/ EU/ EEA citizens: identity card or passport, all other nationalities: passport

The basic requirement for access to the casino is a minimum age of 18 years. The check is carried out on the basis of a valid passport or ID and is also compared with the Liechtenstein barring database (from the entry into force of the agreement with Switzerland also with the Swiss barring database) in order to ensure the implementation of the social concept and to rule out any security risks. All persons who are not authorised to enter the casino are listed in the restricted persons database.

The Grand Casino reserves the right to refuse entry or to expel persons without giving reasons. Persons who are obviously under the influence of drugs or strong alcohol will be refused entry. The carrying of weapons during the stay in the casino is prohibited.

The instructions and decisions of the casino staff must be followed in any case. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions or clarifications you may have at any time.

By entering the Grand Casino, guests accept the house rules.

In order to better establish identity, the Grand Casino is required to take photos of its guests.


Dress code

The Grand Casino always strives to offer its guests a pleasant atmosphere in a dignified ambience. In order to ensure this, guests at the Grand Casino are required to adhere to an appropriate dress code. Although there are no exact regulations in this respect, such as a jacket or tie obligation, we do ask our guests not to wear sportswear, tracksuits or similar. Gentlemen are also required to wear long trousers (even in summer). We reserve the right to refuse entry to guests on the basis of their clothing. Furthermore, guests must be identifiable at all times in the casino, which is why there is a ban on disguises, veils and costumes in the casino.


Data protection & security

In principle, the Grand Casino does not disclose any personal data of guests to third parties. Exceptions exist only in connection with criminal acts due to legal obligations to state authorities and in the event of court orders.

The Liechtenstein Gaming Act requires that gaming areas and all gaming activities be monitored and recorded by video and in some cases also by audio. This legal obligation not only serves gaming security, but can clarify ambiguities and misunderstandings, thus ensuring optimal transparency. Should any deliberate unlawful or illegal activities of any kind be detected here, this will be reported and forwarded to the competent authorities. The image and sound material will be deleted after the legal retention period.

During the game, communication devices (mobile phones, smartphones) are undesirable in consideration of other guests. For reasons of security and data protection, photography and filming are also prohibited in the playing rooms.

Under the Due Diligence Act, all guests must be identified when they enter the casino for the first time. Furthermore, the beneficial ownership of the source of funds is documented. For one-off transactions in excess of CHF 15,000.00 or cumulative transactions in excess of CHF 100,000.00 and CHF 400,000.00, the Grand Casino Liechtenstein is obliged to obtain further information on the origin of the funds.


Social concept

The Grand Casino is obliged to comply with the social concept. This includes the protection of players and their environment. Accordingly, if it is suspected that a player is acting outside of their financial limits, casino employees are obliged to hold a clarifying discussion with the guests concerned in order to clarify and establish the facts of the case. The casino is authorised or legally obliged to demand proof of the player's financial status (source of funds). If this is not complied with, this will result in an automatic gambling ban due to the Gambling Act.


Disclaimer and handling of found objects

The Grand Casino is not liable for lost items, valuables and money in and around the casino, including the cloakroom and car park. Nevertheless, persons who find such items are requested to hand them in or report them to the casino staff. The same applies to amounts of money or point balances at the machines. Unlawful appropriation will be pursued and may result in charges being brought.

In the event of malfunctions of slot machines and jackpot systems, there shall be no entitlement to payment of any alleged winnings.

Reservations of slot machines are permitted for a maximum of 15 minutes and can then be released for other players. If money is left behind in the machine, no liability will be assumed for it. This also applies if the game is continued by another person.

No liability is accepted for damage to parked vehicles either.


Granting loans and carrying out commercial activities

Neither the Grand Casino nor private individuals are permitted to extend credit. Guests are also prohibited from offering services or goods in the casino area. External advertising such as flyers, posters etc. may also only be made with the consent of the management.


Foreign currencies

It is possible to exchange foreign currencies at the cash desk. The exchange rate depends on the current daily rate and is displayed at the cash desks for EURO, GBP and USD.


Rules of the game

In our brochure you will find the rules and regulations of each game. The staff will be happy to answer any further questions about the games on offer.


Table game

Bets may only be placed at the gaming tables with original chips from the Grand Casino. The guest is responsible for the correct placement of the chips, even if this is done by the croupier, e.g. in the case of advertisements. If advertisements are placed, this must always be done with the simultaneous submission of the required amount. Acceptance of the advertisement is confirmed by the croupier repeating the advertisement. Both the guest's announcement and the croupier's confirmation must be loud and clear or verified by a clear sign from both sides. If the game has already been cancelled, the announcement or the bet can be rejected by the table boss, even if it has already been repeated by the croupier.


Slot machine jackpot

All gaming machines except for the Multiroulette terminals participate in the Mystery Jackpot of the DRGT system. Designated slot machines also participate in the Micro-Mystery Jackpot.


Confirmation of profit

The Grand Casino does not issue winnings confirmations to guests.


Stakes and winnings of ineligible players

Players under the required minimum age, banned players and players subject to a gambling ban are not entitled to a refund of their stakes or to the payment of winnings.



Malfunction of equipment, jackpot systems, gaming equipment, etc., will void all games and payouts.


Conditions of participation for competitions

The Grand Casino offers various competitions that grant participating guests exclusive advantages when visiting the Grand Casino. Participation in competitions is voluntary. By participating in the competition, the participant agrees to the respective conditions of participation.

A visit to the Grand Casino Liechtenstein is required to take part in competitions. Participation using false identities or the identities of third parties is not permitted. Attempted manipulation will result in exclusion from the competition!

Only persons who are authorised to enter the Grand Casino Liechtenstein in Bendern, Selemad 10, within the meaning of the Gambling Act and the Casino Ordinance are eligible to participate in the respective competition. Any gambling bans imposed during an ongoing competition will also result in exclusion from the competition.

Participation, the acquisition and redemption of bonuses as well as the general organisation of competitions and their duration are governed by the respective conditions of the competition and the privacy policy.

Personal data must be provided in order to take part in the competition. The Grand Casino would like to point out that all personal data of participating guests will not be passed on to third parties or made available to them for use without their consent.

The Grand Casino expressly reserves the right to cancel the competition without prior notice and without giving reasons. This applies in particular to any reasons that would disrupt or prevent the competition from running as planned.

Should a provision of the conditions of participation be or become invalid in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining conditions of participation. The invalid provision shall be replaced by a legally permissible provision that comes as close as possible to the economic intent and purpose of the invalid provision. The same applies in the event of a loophole in the conditions of participation.

Legal recourse is excluded, in particular there is no legal entitlement to participate in the competition. An exchange or transfer to other persons is not possible. The responsibility for any taxation of the prize lies with the winner.



In general, the instructions of the casino staff must be followed. This is particularly important in emergencies.

The casino management can exercise its domiciliary rights at any time and expel persons from the premises without giving reasons.


Links to other websites

Insofar as the Grand Casino refers or links to the websites of third parties from its Internet offering, no guarantee or liability can be assumed for the correctness or completeness of the contents and the data security of these websites. The Grand Casino has no influence on compliance with data protection regulations by third parties, which is why the data protection declarations offered in each case should be checked separately.


Enquiries regarding data protection

Data subjects have the right of access to their personal data collected by the casino on the basis of legal requirements. The Grand Casino names the data protection officer as the contact person in this regard. Requests can be sent by e-mail to be placed.


Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

Liechtenstein law shall apply. The place of jurisdiction is Vaduz.


Observance of the house rules

Please observe these house rules and enjoy your stay at the Grand Casino.

Thank you very much!


Above the roofs of the Grand Casino Liechtenstein you will find

the only public rooftop bar in the country, Floor Four. 

A relaxed, elegant meeting place on literally 

"highest level".

The interior of the bar is decorated in dark brown tones.    

The oversized, backlit screen and the interior

are reminiscent of an English-style gentleman's room.

The magnificent panoramic view from the roof terrace of the

Liechtenstein and Swiss mountains are priceless.

In the warmer season, the lounge furniture on the stylishly planted terrace invites you to enjoy and linger. 

An exclusive range of not everyday  Whisky, gin, rum and cigar varieties make every "connoisseur's heart" beat faster. 

A humidor filled with hand-rolled specialities of high quality

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You are also welcome to use the Roof Top Bar "Floor Four" for your

special occasions. Our team will be happy to put together a suitable arrangement for you, please contact us.

Contact: or 00423 222 7777


The centrepiece of the casino area is the round casino bar in the non-smoking area, surrounded by the live-game tables, the slot machines and the staircase. The offer is varied and appealing to all tastes.



The long bar in the smoking area on the 1st floor offers plenty of space and a wide range of drinks. In addition to the numerous slot machines, you will also find the Players Buffet in this area.



The sports bar on the 3rd floor is as unique as the poker room. The Sportsbar not only impresses with its special design but also with its special whisky, gin and other spirits. Sports fans can also follow selected events live on the monitors.


Do you love to taste particularly noble creations after a fine meal? Then the bar in the Alpspitz restaurant is the perfect place for you.  


Enjoyment at virtually the "highest level" in our Roof Top Bar

Floor Four on the 4th floor. Enjoy the finest cigars and exclusive gin, whisky and rum in a special ambience in the style of an English manor house.